Welcome to Wolvix at Oithona.com - this is an archive of the Wolvix repository.


This web site began life as a backup site for the Wolvix web site in case that site went down for any reason - which it occasionally did. It is retained for mainly historical interest.


Wolvix is a Live and installable implementation of Slackware GNU/Linux. Development of the distribution was discontined after the second beta release of Wolvix-2.0.0 in March 2010. This release was based on Slackware 12.2. Although discontinued, I still find it to be one of the best live distros available, and continue to use it at home and at work. I also continue to use it as an installed distro on my main PC at home. It is lightweight, fast and comprehensive. Its longevity and continued usefulness is a tribute to Wolven, its developer.


Wolvix-1.1.0 consisted of two versions: the lightweight Wolvix-Cub and the full version - Wolvix Hunter. Wolvix-2.0.0 also consisted of the lightweight 'cub' version and a full version


The ISO images are available using the links below:


Wolvix Cub 1.1.0 ISO image

Wolvix Cub 1.1.0 md5sum

Wolvix Hunter 1.1.0 ISO image

Wolvix Hunter 1.1.0 md5sum


The latest builds of Wolvix-2.0.0 are available below. These builds were produced subsequent to the Beta2 releases, and would probably have become RC1.


Wolvix Cub 2.0.0 build16 ISO image

Wolvix Cub 2.0.0 build16 md5sum

Wolvix 2.0.0 build58 ISO image

Wolvix 2.0.0 build58 md5sum


This site contains full archives of the repositories for Wolvix-1.1.0 and Wolvix-2.0.0-Beta2. If anyone wishes to make use of these repositories, then add one of the following lines to your /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc file:





Note: there is another archive of the Wolvix repository at the University of Crete: